Author: Bart Rogers

Bart is high tech entrepreneur and inventor with experience in new product development and marketing. In the past, he was a home renovation contractor and specialized in custom home theater and audio/video installations. Bart's expertise covers broad areas of technology, lighting, electrical products, carpentry, auto repair and many other disciplines.

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Bart was a home contractor with experience in home addition design, electrical, plumbing, heating, home theater installations with craftsman experience in building furniture and built-in storage and decorative spaces. We’ll cover a variety of topics too since Bart dabbles in any number of creative activities including product prototyping, 3D design, cooking, furniture design, auto repair, and many others. Bart can fix nearly anything if it can be fixed at all and he’ll show you how.

We’ll post some of Bart’s more creative works and thoughts about them as often as we can.

We hope you enjoy the articles.