HowTo: The Quickest Way To Remove Wallpaper

Hi All.

Here’s a dreaded task that no one likes to do. I’ll show you how to do it quickly, easily and with household items you likely already have.

I was faced with removing 30 year old kitchen wallpaper. I tried to tackle it using the most common methods; I sprayed it with wallpaper remover solutions and let it soak, and waited, tested it, waited more, etc. I sliced the surface and sprayed more. I tried vinegar, ammonia, soap, and commercial removal solutions. When I took a scraper to it – a really sharp, wide blade putty knife, only small tears at a time would come away and the glue underneath was still left to deal with. It was going to take a long time and a lot of hard work to remove it properly.

Howto Remove Wallpaper Easily

Wallpaper comes off in whole sheets

I’ve used steamers before but they were agonizingly slow. Luckily this was a paper based wallpaper, not a vinyl wallpaper – not waterproof. I had to devise a way to get it off quickly and in big sheets with little or no glue left on the wall surface because the walls would be painted when I was done. This method may not work on waterproof papers such as vinyl but if it is paper, you can do the same following this method.

You will need:

  • a terrycloth towel remnant about 18in. square size. You can cut it from an old bath towel.
  • a plastic washing basin or pan- a 10 x 12 x 4″ deep is fine.
  • plain tap water – no chemicals
  • an old clothes iron that you want to replace, or don’t plan to use for ironing laundry any more. Do not fill with water for steam -in fact, make sure it is empty.
  • a pair of rubberized work gloves (highly recommended to protect from steam.)
  • Eye protection of in close quarters


How To Do It:

Fill the washing pan with about 2″-3″ of tap water. Plug in the clothes iron and set it to cottons. Ensure it is in a safe place so no one or nothing gets burned. The cotton setting is pretty hot. Remem