Review: Bosch SHE3AR55UC Dishwasher


Pros: Nice clean look in black and stainless, quiet dishwasher.

Cons: It leaves washed loads wetter. It also takes longer to go through a wash cycle than our old GE. The interior can really smell stinky if left closed for long periods.


Bosh SHE3AR55U Dishwasher


Installation and Operation:

We needed to update our dishwasher from our old noisy GE. It was 30 years old and still worked great, but it was so loud that you had to stop it to answer the phone. This Bosch is quiet.  All you hear is the water swishing around in it. I’ve heard quieter dishwashers (if that makes sense.)

Installation was straightforward. Attach the drain hose, pass it through a raised hole (20″ from floor) in the rear of the sink cabinet then slide the unit in place. The electric and inlet water connections are up front. Front access is gained by removing the toe kick cover with two screws. The electric was easier than the water connection because the water inlet is very close to the floor.

The STINKY insides

It’s hard to believe something this new can smell so bad, We’ve had the unit about a year now, but it will still smell awful when kept closed for a day or two. It smells fine after a wash cycle, but since we only run it once or twice a week, it smells pretty bad.  You’d think we stored rotting trash in it.

I’ve checked the drains for proper install, and run it with vinegar. Nothing so far. I occasionally put a few drops of chlorine bleach in the drainer area.  That seems to help lower the impact of the smell when you open it,

I can’t tell where the smell comes from, but it seems lie the coating on the racks has the same odor.

[Update: We changed from a powdered dish washing agent to Finish gel. No more smell!]

The Racks

The upper rack has a lot of room but the uneven bottom and upright spokes make it hard to fit some things. It has a fold-down set of spokes which help placing larger items. When filled with dinner plates the remaining room on the lower rack is somewhat limited for large items due to the spokes that hold smaller dishes. The flatware bin is easily removable which helps when emptying it.

It does not dry dishes well. There is no dryer heating element so the instructions say to run it with the sanitizer option on since that heats the water hotter which then dries faster. We find it helpful to open the door as soon as the cycle ends and tip the excess water from items on the top rack, then leave the door partially open to let then air dry faster.

The manufacturer recommends a rinse finish product to help drying better. We find the dishes rarely spot, but the flatware needs to be wiped to ensure the spots are gone.

Bottom Line:

It’s a nice dishwasher if you can overcome the smell. It does a nice job with the dishes. I would recommend this to budget minded shoppers.

Full Features and Specifications:



  • Silence Level: (dBA) 52 dB


  • Energy Star® Qualified: Yes
  • Total Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 279 kWh


  • Number of Place Settings: 14
  • Upper Rack: 300
  • Lower Type: 100
  • Adjustable Upper Rack System: Single
  • Third Rack: no
  • Silverware Basket Standard

General Properties

  • Number of Wash Cycles: 4
  • Program 1: Power Scrub Plus US
  • Program 2: Auto US
  • Program 3: Regular US
  • Number of Options: 2
  • Options Available: Sanitation, time delay
  • Tub Material: Stainless steel/plastic
  • Leak Protection System: 24/7 Overflow Protection
  • Interior Light: No
  • Load Sensor: No
  • Variable Spray Pressure: No
  • Sanitize Indicator Light: Yes
  • Filtration Type: 3-fold corrugated
  • Five-Level Wash: Yes
  • ChildLock: Yes


  • Approval Certificates: CSA, UL
  • NSF Certified: Yes
  • ADA Compliant: No

Installation Requirements

  • Watts (W): 1400 W
  • Current (A): 12 A
  • Volts (V): 120 V
  • Frequency (Hz): 60 Hz
  • Tub Type: TallTub
  • Plug Type: Fixed connection
3 / 5 stars     

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