Review: Wooster Brush Bravo Stainer Stain Brush


Pros: Holds lots of stain, handle can be replaced with a long extension pole to reach farther.

Cons: Bristles are somewhat soft making it an under-performer for back-brushing rough surfaces


I needed a new brush for staining my siding. This Wooster Brush F5116-4 Bravo Stainer Stain Brush has very high ratings on Amazon, but my local paint store did not carry it so I ordered one on-line. Wooster Brush F5116-4 Bravo Stainer Stain Brush

The cardboard wrap packaging protects the bristles and keeps them uniform. There are a lot of bristles in this brush and is likely the reason it holds a lot of stain. The bristles are a mix of china and poly making it a good choice for oil or latex stains. It has a big 1″ x 4″ square block of thousands of bristles that can hold a lot of stain without dripping. This  extra holding power can make it somewhat heavy after a few hours though.

I was staining rough sawn cedar siding and needed to back-brush the stain into the pores of the wood. It requires a lot of pressure in some of the deeper pores and I found that the bristles are very flexible. This made it difficult to get it into those rough spots. So I abandoned this brush to go back to my stiffer 4″ flat brush.

Where this brush really paid of however, was when I could not reach the siding from the aerial work platform that I had rented (see review here).

Nifty Lift SD050

Nifty Lift SD-50 Aerial Work Platform

The bucket was extended as far as it could go and the siding was still 4 feet away. I removed the handle of this brush with a simple twist, then attached a standard floor broom handle giving me about 6 feet of reach. This gave me the needed extra length to reach the siding and get the job done. It really paid off having it with me in the bucket.

This brush cleaned up nicely and is now stored safely in its protective wrapper. On the handle it says “Made in Italy” and I have to admit, it felt like a quality imported brush in my hands. I never used the bucket clip that comes with it – also removable by taking the handle off.

Bottom Line:

At Amazon’s price, this brush is a bargain and it performed well when I needed it. I did not like the softness of the bristles when using it on the rough siding, but I can imagine it being the best brush for staining on a smoother surface like a deck or smooth faced siding. I recommend it highly.


4 / 5 stars     

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