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We’ll bring to you our best information and insights on home repair, and renovation projects. When you pick out kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors, tools, electrical products, etc. and their maintenance, we’ll be here to help you make some of the tough decisions by informing you of the best and worst of our experiences.

Bart was a home contractor with experience in home addition design, electrical, plumbing, heating, home theater installations and a lot of experience in building furniture and built-in storage and decorative spaces. He was also a computer hardware and software engineer. We’ll cover some eclectic topics too since I dabble in any number of creative activities including product prototyping, 3D design, cooking, furniture design, auto repair, and many others. Bart can repair appliances, autos, toys and, well, nearly anything if it can be fixed at all. And he’s sharing his secrets!

We’ll post some of his more creative works and thoughts about them as he gets time.

Thanks for visiting. See you in the pages.

2 comments for “Welcome To Liteknight Reviews and How-To’s

  1. Carlton
    September 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Is anyone else experiencing problems of the Krause Becker 60600 not turning on. We used one to cover almost two sides of a 3 story house. Then it would not start again. Took it back to Harbor Freight and exchanged it for another. It didn’t start, took it back, got another and it didn’t start. What could be happening.

    • Bart Rogers
      February 8, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      No idea for having 3 of them not starting. Doesn’t make sense. Are you sure it isn’t an electrical extension cord problem?

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